Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Sweet Valentine

Single's must really HATE Valentine's Day, or probably just don't care for it. Who knows? It's as almost as if this time of year was set out to be a taboo for them. 

I remember when rapper Wale once tweeted:

'Feb 14 is national “I’m-Jealous-Of-Everybody-In-A-Happy-Relationship" day'.

Valentine's day is a beautiful day and those outside a relationship forget this. Whereas those in relationships may feel as though the day is all about their chance to celebrate their relationship. Wrong, in my opinion anyway. Valentine's day, is a day where we are supposed to simply spread love and generosity however we choose to.

It's not only meant for those who have paired off and been together for a few months to a few years, because in reality, shouldn't you be doing these things most days anyway? This shouldn't be the only day you use to buy your partner roses or show the world via Instagram how great your boyfriend or girlfriend is. 

I see it this way, Feb 14th should be a date where those who have been 'talking' or dating someone for some time use this as an opportunity to make it special. It doesn't even have to be romantic, but just a beautiful gesture between two friends or even a crush.

Take that guy out on a date who you met once and has now been in your Twitter mentions several times in the last couple months. (Unless he's a creeper)

Ask the girl out in your class who you rarely speak to, but always smile at and say 'Hi' to.

As over hyped as this day may be, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want gifts. You're damn right I do. I want flowers, chocolates and a card just like every other holiday.

But Valentine's Day is more than the show couples try and put on to make the world stop & stare. It's a day representing love and a day we need to appreciate love.

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........Next week, read my Top 3 Valentine's Day ideas. (Oooh I can see the guys gripping onto their seats for this!!!

By @Oloni
Edited by @EzekielThePoet


Anonymous said...

Oh my days I rate this so highly. Swing me your number and I'll take you out babes xxxoxx

Anonymous said...

Please help. What if you've been with someone for over 7 years and your parents don't approve yet through love and perseverance your stayed together. Honestly I don't know what I'm going to do - he's ready for marriage and I know this is the guy I want to spend my life with. My parents just don't like him (back in the day - about 4 years ago -I lent him money to pay rent and etc and my mother found out and she & my father didn't speak to me for over 3 months - it was hell living in that house). Now they have seemed to forgive me but refuse to allow him in the house. So we're having to be secret and it's not right. My parents have started setting me up with these guys who in my opinion are useless (one claims he's a famous DJ, the other openly brags that he likes to steal stuff) but my parents will not hear anything bad about these guys. They say my boyfriend has poisoned my mind against these pursuers. I just know my boyfriend is reaching the end of his tether as his family are starting to ask what's happening with us. I think we'll just have break up but I know if we break up my parents will turn around and say we told you this boy is nothing but trouble. My boyfriend has helped me so much - staying up with me to help me completing uni assignments just getting my life in order. I don't know what to do. Friends say pray but I'm lost as to what to do. Please help.