Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Your Favourite Blogs By Me From 2013

The Girlfriend Fluffer (Do women give men power?) | Tuesday, 26th February, 2013 | The popular blog written by myself earlier this year, where I discussed how some women prepare the man they are seeing for the woman he eventually falls into a relationship with.

'When you show an unwavering amount of loyalty to a man, some guys see it and may want to take it to the next step of becoming ‘official’, whereas others could manipulate the situation and abuse it. It’s all about being safe because essentially no girl wants to be a ‘Girlfriend Fluffer’, it never ends in their favour.'

Are Titles Important In Relationships? | Monday, 25th March, 2013 | When I asked people on my Twitter timeline how they felt about titles within a relationship responses I got were:

'You have to respect the people outside of the relationship who may care [about the superficial things like titles]. Not the person who is just nosey & want to know your business. Defining the relationship is not just about the people who are in it sometimes'

Is She Emotionally Slutty? | Friday, 24th May, 2013 | Sharing your emotions or feelings with someone is sometimes seen as the easiest way to form a relationship with a  friend or a lover, but how soon and often do you do this?

'Most emotional sluts understand how strong a relationship can be built if it’s fed off emotions. They can also be false adverts towards the gullible. With the baggage they release they create a false attachment causing the man to believe there is some connection when, in actuality, it's superficial. As the man, you feel as if you've created a bond with someone who was an absolute stranger just a few weeks ago. Do such connections exist and can they happen just like that? Of course. Sometimes.'

Rock, Paper, Boyfriend | Tuesday, 16th July, 2013 | Have you ever been in a difficult situation when it came to your partner and friends? This blog discusses the infamous term 'Chicks before d*cks' and other problems one might face in thee type of scenarios.

'When your friend has a boyfriend you’re uneasy about, it can be the downfall of your friendship. It’s the worst. I once had a friend who had a new boyfriend, as soon as that relationship started we never saw each other as much after a while and that was fine, because what new couple doesn’t want to spend every moment of every day together?'

Would Bad Sex Ruin Your Relationship? | Tuesday, 13th August, 2013 |

'Sometimes men believe that if a woman doesn’t climax then the time spent being intimate wasn’t pleasurable from her side, which is false. Women are still able to enjoy sex without climaxing, believe it or not. However, you’d be very surprised by how many times a female has to fake a climax just so it will be over'

How Many Female Friends Is Too Many? | Tuesday, 18th October, 2013 |

'Does having too many female friends mean anything anyway? Could he genuinely just enjoy the relationships he has or could this just show insecurities on our side? Besides…would we complain if these females had their genitalia replaced with a male’s?' 

Are Abortions The New Age Contraception? | Monday, 25th November, 2013 | Here I write about how abortion is being treated after more than 50 years of legalisation as a contraception in 2013.What are your views are you pro choice or pro life?

'There have been many arguments surrounding the topic of terminating a pregnancy before a certain time frame. Some have argued that a foetus is still a human being despite the stage of the pregnancy, whereas others have asserted that a foetus is just a number of cells therefore not breaking any human rights. But is conception and birth just a false threshold to define the meaning of life? Or are we neutralising the topic by saying life begins at birth?'

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