Thursday, 19 December 2013

I Don't Date Black Women: Quick Rant

'I don't like black women, they're all (loud, rude, fit appropriate, yet negative adjective here)'

'But your mother is black'

'I don't want to marry my mum do I?'

Yes this was a tweet I posted last night, where some men chose to argue and miss the point of what my 140 characters meant.

We know you do not want to date your mothers, that would be incredibly gross. However responding in such a manner would mean you've missed the entire point.

Generalising women and your own race not only shows ignorance towards your culture, but the people who raised you and I. I repeat, we don't want you to date your mothers. . but let me keep it real if I ever heard my son say 'I don't date black women because they're too aggressive' etc. I'd be deeply offended. What the fuck did I raise?

 A black woman was WHO raised you.

Black men understand this, black women do not care what race you find attractive, when it comes to preference that is an entirely different argument, but the moment you use derogatory words as to why you dislike us, then it becomes mind baffling.

If you can't express any type of love towards us, well how will other racial backgrounds?


Cam said...

So little, yet so much. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Very true. If they're father said the same thing about thier mother where would they be!

Angel said...

They need to understand this! Their preference isn't the problem, its just the lack of respect they have for black females as a whole. They act like they can't state their preference without bringing how much they dislike black females into the equation!

Heracles said...

Stereotypes exist for a reason. While it may be wrong to rule out all black women based on the behaviour of the small proportion you've met there are indeed some traits which are more commonly observed in black women which many would deem unattractive. If all the black women a guy has met have behaved in a similar fashion then what do you expect him to think ? It is unfortunate for the women who do not fit the stereotypes but they owe part of the blame to their fellow black women.

Barbara Adarkwa said...

Well Said Oloni!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I completely agree with what you wrote. I also think it shows a lack of hometraning and discipline. You should teach your son to respect women of ALL races and it is evident that some mothers think it's common sense. Unfortunately it is not. It something that should be taught from a young age.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you missed the point as well. Oh, sorry I'm late. The love one has for their mother,sister,aunt,grandmother,etc should not be compared to that of which should be displayed toward all black women. Also, it may not be apparent to you, but perhaps your son may have observed and experienced aggression and non- supportive behaviors of black women...where he didn't with non-black women. Sometimes one or two won't be enough to go back to that which is viewed as toxic.